Archives for the month of: May, 2013

We met up with colleagues for a final project meeting for the SEDA Value of OER in Educational Development project and over dinner, Elizabeth Cleaver mentioned the work of Tai Peseta in educational practice and identity formation. Her doctoral thesis was entitled Learning and Becoming in Academic Development: an autoethnographic inquiry. 

Elizabeth also mentioned her own work with Celia Popovich on the topic, due to be presented later this year.

Food for thought indeed.

This is the blog site for the ExILED (Exploring Identities and Locations of Educational Developers) project, funded by SEDA.  We’re just back from the SEDA 20th Anniversary Conference in Leeds, where we have been discussing the research with colleagues and considering additional types of publication.

In the meantime, we’re reviewing literature – print-based and digital – and drafting the Survey.